Doppio-scatto qui per cambiare immagine

The Carpi artist recounts that, through his photos, he has always tried to enter into emotional contact with the world and to understand its evolution.  When he was 18, Piccinini purchased his first camera “a ZORKI 4”.

This was where it all started, his first experiments, the feeling of a world that belonged to him. Later on, Silvano taught himself photographic technique, studying under expert masters and photographic studios, until he felt himself ready for professional photography. After numerous ceremonial events (1970s),  Piccinini grasped new and important ideas from his business activity, personally producing all the assignments on the company’s technical components.

Over the years, thanks to numerous trips abroad, he put together a real image bank: “the reportages”. He visited Brazil, Argentina, Canada, China, Korea, Greece, Turkey, and travelled far and wide in America, Africa and Europe. This way, he was able to assimilate usage and customs and the culture of other nations, describing them in numerous shots.

Today, the artist feels he has reached a further turning point: the last series of works illustrate its sense and importance. His password is “ENERGY”. And to grasp the value of this term, Piccinini  intends presenting an original vision of the world, not read visually, but grasped through the force of light and technologies: networks, sensors, pulsations, satellites, cosmic particles that assume frequent petition and the guise of transactions. Those which every day and every night pervade our lives and determine the new way of being, of existing and of perceiving. Like Luigi Ghirri, Franco Fontana, Walter Niedermayr and Olivo Barbieri, Piccinini too was born and grew up under the sign of “GHI”, the great master printer of Modena.